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Vegan Essentials – 4 Cruelty Free Beauty Products For Your Skin

May 26, 2017
Vegan Essentials | 4 Cruelty Free Beauty Products For Your Skin

I really want to write about some vegan essentials when it comes to skincare and just share with you some the organic and cruelty free skincare products that I use in my daily routine. I really hope that this helps you find some amazing high quality cruelty free brand that you can use in your skin care routine. Many of these products that I’m going to be sharing with you are also multi-purpose so they can be used on your skin and on your hair as well.

Organic Shea Butter

The first of vegan essential when it comes to skin care that I recommend having is a shea butter. The one that I use is from nourish organics and it’s a usda organic of course. It’s just an intensely moisturizing shea butter that i use on my skin daily after i cleanse my face. What I really love about this is that it gives me a natural glow. so every time that I cleanse my face daily and make sure to apply this for an amazing natural looking glow look. You could also use this on your body, on your lips and even on your hair. It also reduces the scars, stretch marks and fine lines on the skin and this is why I love this so much. The texture feels amazing and I like how it and blends onto my skin really easily.

Organic Coconut Oil

Spectrum organic unrefined coconut oil is perfect for the skin and hair. Make sure that when you buy coconut oil it says that it’s specifically made for the skin and the hair that way it looks natural. I tend to use coconut oil on my skin when I have a blemish. I just apply some and leave it on overnight. If you haven’t read my how to have a clear skin post I talk about that some more in there so you might want to check that out. Organic coconut oil could also be used as a makeup remover if you prefer to use it that way. It also combats the damaging effects of the sun and it restores the skin and hair. The organic coconut oil that I use is unscented so this is what I love about it because I don’t really like the smell of coconut. Organic coconut oil is just a must-have in any cruelty free beauty essential collection.

Organic Argan Oil

Argan oil is specifically made for the skin and hair. It restores your hair and skin and is an amazing moisturizer. What I like about argan oil is that it has vitamin e in it which can help your skin look healthier. This argan oil is looks natural on your skin and you just want to put a good amount (not too much) and it will definitely look really natural on the skin. Organic organ oil is really a good and natural moisturizer for the skin if you’re looking for something that helps restore your skin and  evens out the tone on your face.

Organic Charcoal Cleanser

I like to use a charcoal cleanser from the brand called Shamanuti. I recommend putting it in a container because it’s more easy for me to measure the amount that I’m going to be putting on my hands on before I take off my makeup. I really love how quickly this charcoal cleanser removes my makeup. Organic charcoal cleanser detoxifies and cleanses your face and pores which can help you have clear skin.

Those are the top four cruelty free vegan beauty products essentials that I recommend having when it comes to your skin care routine. If you have any suggestions of other brands that are your favorite you can comment down below.


About This Video:
In this video Laura talks about vegan essentials. These vegan essentials are her favorite 4 cruelty free beauty products for your skin care routine. She recommends using shea butter for skin, coconut oil for skin care, and argan oil for skin. These natural beauty products can be used in your daily vegan beauty routine for healthy glowing skin.

Products Mentioned:

Shea butter
Coconut oil
Argan oil
Charcoal cleanser


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      Hi Emily! I like using all of these in my daily beauty routine.

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