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Truskin Naturals Vitamin C Serum Review

June 17, 2017
Vitamin C Serum Review

When it comes to dark under eye circles or any other facial flaws there is always a natural solution that can help with improvement. A while ago I was determined to finding a solution for dark under eye circles and started to researched possible ways that can help me to naturally improve dark under eye circles. I quickly learned that vitamin c serum helps lighten under eye circles and decided to look for a vitamin c serum that is of quality, has good reviews and of coarse is cruelty free.

I found TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum and have been using it as a nightly routine for about three months now. Seeing that this product is very reputable and has a lot of good reviews really increased my confidence that this product is going to help me maintain healthy skin.

This vitamin c serum is good for:

  • Boosting collagen
  • Reducing appearing of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Fading sun and age spots
  • Firming the skin
  • Brightening the skin
  • Toning the skin
  • Shrinking pores
  • Radiating a healthier appearance

The average user of this vitamin c serum are mostly women that are in their early 20’s to 50’s+ that want to firm, tone and boost collagen on their skin. The main benefit of this vitamin c serum is that it improves the user’s life by helping them maintain healthy looking skin. It helps them radiate a healthier appearance and is a good solution for even the most sensitive skin types.

This vitamin c serum is a little bit on the pricey side costing $19.99 with free two day shipping if your an amazon prime member. I honestly think it’s completely worth it since the product does tend to last a long time. I personally have been using it as a night time routine on my face for three months and the bottle still has a lot of product in it. I think it can last me up to six months. There’s also a generous 3 month money back guarantee on this vitamin c serum.

Most importantly it is not tested on animals and is made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients. Like I mentioned above I have been using this product for three months and have some pros and cons to share with you.


Cruelty free

This product is not tested on animals is cruelty free. I honestly prefer to use cruelty free products because they are always of high quality. This fact alone really helped me in considering this product when I was browsing through amazon. I always make sure the beauty products that I use are cruelty free.

Cooling on the skin

When you apply this vitamin c serum on your skin you are going to feel a cooling effect that feels very refreshing.

Natural scent

This vitamin c serum has a natural scent since it does not have any synthetic color additives, artificial scents or silicones in the plant based formula.

Product has glass eye dropper

I really like that this product has a glass eye dropper to help measure the exact amount that is needed. This helps the product last longer and saves you a lot of money.


Only 72% organic

This vitamin c serum is only 72% organic and the other ingredients are 98% natural. I really think using organic cruelty free beauty products on the skin is important. I really would have preferred the product to be 100% organic but since the other 98% of ingredients are natural that is also acceptable.

20% vitamin C

This vitamin C serum is only 20% vitamin C and has other ingredients such as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. This acid is already naturally produced by the body and helps with collagen and keeping the skin  hydrated. I honestly thought that this vitamin C serum was going to be 100% vitamin C but it does have other natural ingredients.


Like I mentioned before this vitamin c serum is on the pricey side. It is a good investment since it does lat a long time and can save you money. It is also of good quality and I think that you’re always going to get what you pay for.

I honestly think that this vitamin c serum is worth buying. I’m definitely going to keep using it as a night time routine since I do believe this product can help me maintain healthy skin. Remember that it takes time to see results. It’s really different for everyone on how quickly they see results since everyone has different skin types. I definitely feel that my under eye circles got a little brighter but i feel like it does take more time than three months to see drastic improvements. I think that having patience with these natural products is really important. I really hope that this product review helps you with deciding whether this product is worth the buying and applying in your daily beauty routine.

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This post is in collaboration with a blogger named Chelf. Check out her product review post here BEAUTY | The Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Oil I’ve Ever Used

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