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Petit Vour Beauty Box | Cruelty Free Beauty May 2017

June 25, 2017
Petit Vour Beauty Box

Another amazing petit vour monthly beauty box has arrived! The art card that came along with this months beauty box looks really tropical so it’s prefect for summer.

As always, I’m going to be mentioning my favorite product for this months beauty box. The java plum and avocado nourishing mask. It deeply hydrates dry and dehydrated skin, it’s like a type of avocado immersion mask that you put on at night time and you leave it on overnight so that it could soak into your skin. I really like these types of products that you put on your skin and leave it on overnight because your skin gets all of the benefits. I also remember mentioning in my how to get clear skin post I mentioned that you could apply organic coconut oil on your blemish and leave it on overnight. Doing this really helps with having and maintaining clear skin. I’m honestly looking forward to trying this product.

Aromatherapy distress muscle bath and shower oil. What I particularly love about this bath and shower oil is that it has rosemary oil in it and I really love rosemary oil since its like the only essential oil that I have and the only essential oil that I wear before going to sleep every night. This bath and shower oil is going to help with distressing the muscles and just helps your relax.

A hydrating face mist toner for dry mature skin. It says that it has some rose in it it’s but mainly made from rose hydrosol. To apply it you just want to lightly mist on your face and then gently press onto the skin. The scent is really good like rose petals, springtime, summertime. I usually really like using these face mists on my skin and hair so I’m definitely going to be using this product a lot.

Then the last product that I’ve got is a skin care cosmetics all-natural eye shadow in the color sunset. It looks more like on the neutral side since it’s not really shiny nor bold. This is what I like about this eye shadow, the color is natural and I’m really all about natural looking cosmetics. Some of the ingredients include rice powder, argan oil, shea butter and vitamin E just to name a few of them. This eyeshadow is also certified organic. The fact that this eye shadow has shea butter in it and a lot of amazing ingredients just makes me want to use it now. I already use shea butter on my skin everyday as a moisturizer.

Those were the four cruelty free beauty products that I got in this month’s petit vour beauty box. I definitely have select favorites in there especially the avocado mask which I’m definitely going to be using tonight. Comment any of your favorite cruelty free beauty products that you personally like or that you’ve been using.

About This Video:
In this video Laura talks about her monthly petit vour beauty box. This petit vour beauty box has four sample sized cruelty free beauty products. Cruelty free beauty box that has organic beauty products. These cruelty free beauty brands are of high quality.

Products Mentioned:

Nourishing Face Mask
Bath & Shower Oil
Hydrating Face Mist
All Natural Eyeshadow

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