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Beauty Without Makeup Tutorial

April 15, 2017
Beauty Without Makeup Tutorial

I’m going to be doing a no makeup look tutorial. I have really been wanting to this for a while and I decided to just do it. In this no makeup look tutorial all the products that I’m going to use are organic and cruelty free. This is really simple to do and a minimalistic type of routine. I really think that it’s important that we feel confident without makeup and that we feel good about ourselves without makeup. We just need to use high quality cruelty free beauty products that are organic in our skin care routine which can help us have healthy looking skin.

This no makeup look tutorial is something that I personally do really often. I hope that you find it useful and that you actually apply it into your life. When you begin doing this no makeup look tutorial you are going to start to feel confident and good about yourself even without any makeup on because that’s really important. These organic cruelty free beauty products are going to help you maintain healthy skin, skin that you’re going to love and skin that has a natural glow.

Get a natural glow

After you cleanse your face the first thing you want to do is moisturize your face with shea butter. I really like how shea butter gives my face a natural glow and helps my face look so much healthier. Moisturizing your face with shea butter is the base of this no makeup look tutorial and it is really important.

Nourish your under eyes

Then you are going to apply vitamin C serum under your eyes. This vitamin C serum can really help reduce your dark under eyes and puffiness. I like how this vitamin C serum has a cooling affect on my skin after I apply it. Using vitamin C serum is the solution for healthy under eyes that you are going to feel confident with.

Thicken your eyebrows

Then you want to put some castor oil on your eyebrows. You might also want to use a brow brush before putting on the castor oil to make sure my eyebrows are in place. When it comes to essential beauty oils a little goes a long way. So be sure to use a decent amount of castor oil on your eyebrows.

Lengthen your eyelashes

Put some jojoba oil on your eyelashes. When you put jojoba oil on your eyelashes make sure that you put the least amount that you could because the oil could get into your eyes. Jojoba oil can really help your eyelashes grow longer quicker. I specifically chose jojoba oil for the eyelashes since it is thinner in texture than castor oil and this can help the oil from going into your eyes. Castor oil is more of a night time routine for the eyelashes and jojoba oil is more of a day time routine for the eyelashes.

Moisturize your lips

Then you are going to apply a lavender and chamomile moisture stick on your lips. Make sure that the moisture stick that you use is usda organic and cruelty free. I really like the natural shine my lips get from using a moisture stick.

Apply rosewater setting spray

Lastly you want to spray some rosewater and glycerin to complete the no makeup look. As you spray the rosewater on your face you also want to inhale the amazing scent. This can help your natural no makeup look last all day.

I really hope that you found this no makeup look tutorial useful. Remember that it’s okay to feel insecure without makeup, we’ve all felt that way. It’s all about using organic cruelty free beauty products to help you maintain healthy skin. Comment any tips I would love to hear them!


About This Video:
In this video Laura shows you a no makeup look tutorial. Beauty without makeup can be simple when you apply these cruelty free beauty products to your daily routine. This no makeup look tutorial shows you how to look beautiful without makeup.

Products Mentioned:

Shea Butter
Vitamin C Serum
Castor Oil
Jojoba Oil
Moisture Stick – Lavender Chamomile

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